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Our MISSION is to improve the qualities of life for Veterans, First Responders, and others in the community, through Canine Assisted Therapy and, as a result, have the ability to donate specially trained Police K-9s for law enforcement, and Service Dogs for Veterans.

Prevention Concepts and Solutions, Inc.

You don’t have to consult research statistics to realize that our current, substance-abuse and mental- health interventions leave much to be desired; you only have to open your eyes and look around at the devastation that drugs and alcohol are doing to our communities and recognize that many, self-inflicted tragedies are a result of undiagnosed or untreated mental illness. Every day there is a heartbreak related to these phenomena, and only if there are sustained efforts—by the people who live, work, and hold positions of influence within our communities—to change the current, antiquated systems of care and embrace innovative programs that promote holistic approaches to recovery, will we then begin to see success in our efforts to prevent and treat substance abuse, mental illness and trauma.

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