Our Mission

Our MISSION is to improve qualities of life for Veterans, First Responders, and others (e.g., community) by providing Canine-Assisted Therapy and Activities combined with Mental Fitness Training and, as a result, have the ability to donate specially trained Police K-9s to law enforcement, and Psychiatric Service, Emotional Support and Therapy Dogs to Veterans.

About Prevention Concepts and Solutions, Inc.

Our organization was founded in 2012 by Jason Foltz and David Dudek; two like-minded individuals who, after years of witnessing and experiencing the devastation caused by untreated or undertreated substance abuse and mental illness, decided to focus on alternative approaches to healing and recovery.

In 2017, our organization decided to restructure in order to expand our reach and impact in the community. In our efforts to accomplish this goal, we were fortunate enough to add to our team of professionals and volunteers. We believe that by combining our passions, resources, skills and talents, together—we can change the way services and supports are presented to, and received by, our nation’s heroes. To achieve these outcomes, our organization has developed innovative and collaborative programs designed to improve the qualities of life for Veterans and First Responders. Our personal experiences with substance use, mental health, and trauma, combined with our education and passion, provides a unique understanding of how to effectively and efficiently deliver these much-needed and much-deserved services and supports.

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