Daniel Cusenza is a former soldier from the United States Army. Danny joined the army in March 2008, during which time he attended OSUT at Ft. Knox, Kentucky and became a 19 Delta Cavalry Scout. Upon completion of OSUT, Daniel received the General Patton Award for Courage, Leadership, Team-Building, and Self-Service.

Danny was stationed at Ft. Hood TX., where he was assigned to Garry Owen 1-7 Cav, a reconnaissance unit. After months of training which included Long Range Marksmanship School, Sniper School, and Explosive Robotics Training, his unit deployed to Iraq. Danny’s platoon became the TST (Time Sensitive Target) platoon, which consisted of working closely with military intelligence to capture HVTs (Highly Valuable Targets); their platoon was effective, they caught 72 HVTs during their deployment in IRAQ. Danny was the Platoon Sergeants driver and quickly got promoted to the vehicles gunner position and squad leader. During his time in theater, Danny conducted several SKT (Small Kill Team) missions and raids of known terrorist homes.

On a combat mission, Danny and his platoon were conducting a simultaneous raid of 3 buildings when an HVT fled. Danny cut thru a street to catch the target and was struck by the HVTs’ vehicle. Danny sustained injuries and was Medevacked to Ballad Air Force base then to Landstuhl Germany. Eventually, Danny was sent back to Ft. Hood to undergo surgery and, fortunately, he recovered from his physical injuries.

After Danny’s enlistment was up, he decided to try out the private sector and became a Personal Security Specialist for a private firm. Danny attended training at several top-secret facilities. During his time with the private firm, Danny came to the realization that he was dealing with severe PTSD. A company psychologist insisted that Danny not deploy again; the psychologist recommended that Danny spend time addressing issues related to his PTSD.

Danny has been working on his PTSD since 2011; although it has been a struggle at times, through hard work and determination, Danny has continued to strive for greater health and wellness. Prevention Concepts and Solutions as the driving force behind his recovery.  Danny serves as PC&S Mental Fitness Coach and K-9 Handler, as well as sits on their Board of Directors.  Today, Danny remains a strong advocate for veteran’s rights and resources; he is always willing to give a hand up to any veteran in need.