Jeremy Rogers is a decorated (Purple Heart and Bronze Star), combat veteran who served in the United States Army from 1998-2014; he completed OSUT training at Fort Benning, Georgia as an Infantryman. His first duty station was Fort Campbell, Ky, where he served as a rifleman and a team leader. While stationed at Fort Campbell, he deployed to Kosovo in Peace keeping mission, while in search of people that were committing ethnic cleansing of citizens.

In 2002, he moved and was stationed in Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, as part of the 27 Infantry Regiment. While stationed in Hawaii, Jeremy was deployed to Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom; as a Section leader, located in Kirkuk Iraq, he conducted many different operations, including convoy security and foot patrols. In March of 2004, Jeremy was injured during a rocket attack on the base; he was treated at the local medical station having a piece of the rocket removed from his left arm. The intendent resulted in him receiving a purple heart for injuries sustained.
Upon returning back from Iraq to Hawaii, Jeremy was moved to Fort Hood, Texas and was assigned as Operations NCO of a Brigade Operations Unit. Jeremy was once again deployed to Iraq in December of 2005, as a Battle NCO in charge of tracking current operation of a 6,000 personnel, Heavy Brigade Unit. When Jeremy returned from Iraq in December of 2006, he was the selected to be a Drill Sergeant in Fort Benning, Ga and served as a drill sergeant from September of 2007 to December of 2009. As a Drill Sergeant, Jeremy was responsible for training over 1200 soldiers.
In September 2009, Jeremy was re-assigned to Fort Campbell, Ky as a section leader of a Heavy Weapons Infantry Platoon. In April of 2010, he was deployed to Kandahar, Afghanistan in support of the troop surge of forces. While there, Jeremy conducted hundreds of foot patrols and was part of the Tactical Questioning Team that questioned enemies that were captured; his team was able to gather information that convicted 46 of the 47 detainees that were questioned. In 2012, Jeremy was re-assigned to Fort Benning, Ga, where he served as Advanced Leader Course (ALC) Instructor training NCOs for leadership and command.

After returning from Iraq in 2005, Jeremy was diagnosed with PTSD; since then, he has struggled with many related issues, including several divorces and, in 2014, the overwhelming feelings of despair and hopelessness caused Jeremy to attempt suicide. Through hard work, and with help from family and friends, Jeremy was able to start down the road to recovery. Today, Jeremy continues his recovery journey through his volunteer work with Prevention Concepts and Solutions, a Veteran-focused, community-based organization that provides services and supports for Veterans and First Responders.