The Therapeutic System

     Camp Recovery has proposed to utilize a variety of therapeutic modalities including working with dogs—which has proven effectiveness with many afflictions including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Camp Recovery also proposes to structure its therapeutic environment around a cutting edge program first used by Navy Special Warfare (SEALs and support staff). This system was part of the military’s initiative to help active duty personnel withstand the stresses and traumas caused by the Global War on Terror—America’s longest war. This program, called Mental Fitness, is a comprehensive system based on science as well as sound philosophical and psychological principles. This program was written by Dr. Bryce Lefever, a Board Certified Clinical Psychologist, a 27-year veteran of the United States Navy and a retired Captain.
Mental Fitness is a systematic education and therapy program that focuses on relationship improvement, character development and responsible decision-making. Practicing the skills that lead to mental health is as important as practicing physical skills leading to physical fitness. In fact, it should be pointed out that very physically fit individuals often suffer greatly, are not immune to relationship problems and can be afflicted by all forms of mental illness. Mental Fitness is a significant barrier to preventing mental illness from occurring as well as a gateway to living a better, more fulfilling life. There is no health without mental health.
     Dr. Lefever, with a team of experts, developed an instrument to assess Mental Fitness. This instrument, the Fitness Assessment Screening Tool (FAST) measures the quality of four types of relationships as well as the six skills that lead to mental health. Hundreds of military members have taken the FAST as well as prisoners, high school students and those seeking psychotherapy. The average improvement, among those completing the Mental Fitness program, was 27%. FAST can be taken many times over the course of treatment and recovery. In this way, Camp Recovery will have a scientific and accurate way of validating program effectiveness.