As a Puppy Raiser, you become part of dynamic team of volunteers who are providing valuable services & supports for Veterans, First Responders, and others in our communities.

“Our Puppy Raisers are instrumental in preparing our dogs for a rewarding life & career of service & support for our nation’s heroes!”

As a puppy raiser, you must agree to . . .

  • Provide a safe, loving environment
  • Follow all PCS training guidelines
  • Attend all group activities & classes
  • Teach “good” manners & basic commands
  • Provide monetarily for the puppy’s food & vetinary care
  • Feed the puppy a diet recommended by PCS
  • Provide a kennel or crate for sleeping indoors
  • Provide diverse socialization opportunities, such as exposure to offices, malls, restaurants, downtown areas, elevators, and public transportation.
  • Keep puppy on leash at all times unless in a securely fenced area
  • Return the puppy upon request